Senator Hewitt on Ringside TV: "The Governor's tax reform is code for Raise Your Taxes."

Senator Sharon Hewitt appeared this week on the TV show Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere.

Senator Hewitt discusses with Jeff her thoughts on the last legislative session, the state’s fiscal situation, and her outlook following her first term. 


When Jeff asked about whether the Governor had stabilized the budget, Senator Hewitt says “Well, stabilizing to one person is really a tax increase to somebody else. The Governor convinced enough people last year that we needed to raise taxes by .045 cents. I was not one of those who supported the tax increase.  That generated 500 million dollars and then this year we have a 300 million surplus.  I’m not sure that we really needed the tax increase.”

Senator Hewitt goes on to say that there’s still so much opportunity to reduce spending.  Medicaid is such a great example.  We provide Medicaid services for so many people who don’t meet the income eligibility cutoffs.  And we have people who dropped their private insurance to take state-funded Medicaid. Unfortunately, the Administration has resisted efforts to provide income tax data from the Department of Revenue to the Department of Health to verify income. This results in taxpayer dollars going to individuals who don’t meet the criteria instead of those who really need it. 


The Senator also discusses legislation that she passed that will better quantify tax incentives and their impact on the state’s economy. 


Senator Hewitt encourages everyone to get involved in this fall’s elections and notes the big opportunity to shift the state in a more conservative direction because of the large number of open legislative seats due to term limits. 


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