Senator Hewitt on WGSO: Why you should vote for Eddie Rispone for Governor

Senator Sharon Hewitt went on Jeff Crouere's Ringside Politics Radio show today to discuss why we she is supporting Eddie Rispone for Governor of Louisiana.

When asked if the two candidates needed another debate, Senator Hewitt said " I think Mr. Rispone has been very consistent in his message. The voters know exactly what they would get with a Rispone governor and it's very exciting to me.  He talks about being a business person and as you know that's my background also.  We know that business people are problem solvers and I think it's a tremendous strength to bring a fresh new perspective to the governor's office.  He also wants to tackle the tort reform issues.  That's something I've been very passionate about and introduced legislation the last two years to lower our insurance costs.  We need a real partner in the governor's office to help us accomplish these reforms.  And Mr Rispone has a strong track record of creating good paying jobs.  I think he is the right person for what our state needs at the moment."

When asked about Edwards accusing Rispone of intending to kick people off of Medicaid, Senator Hewitt said "these attacks are what desperate people do when they are behind in the race."  Senator Hewitt went on to say that the governor should have never implemented Medicaid Expansion until he had a plan on how to efficiently implement it and pay for it. "The fact that we are struggling with these same issues four years later is very disappointing." Listen to the complete interview below.



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